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How much practice does it take to fly a hovercraft?

EUROHOVER hovercraft are very easy to operate. They are designed to be flown simply by using a steering wheel and throttle. On average, it only takes about 15 minutes to master the basics. It obviously takes a little longer to see what a hovercraft can really do on land and water. 

What is the maximum speed of a hovercraft?

Sporting and recreational EUROHOVER hovercraft can accelerate to 75km/h, depending on the type of engine and the terrain. We do, however, have a racing hovercraft with a top speed of 130 km/h. 

Are hovercraft environmentally-friendly?

EUROHOVER hovercraft do not create waves or emit exhaust fumes into the water. The pressure applied to the surface is even less than that of a standing duck. As a result, a hovercraft is unique among vehicles in being able to run over a hen's egg without cracking its shell.

EUROHOVER hovercraft are safer than powerboats in that they do not have any underwater hull or propeller to endanger swimmers or aquatic life, or entangle ropes. Hovercraft are the only surface craft which can pass over environmentally sensitive areas without disturbing the surface ecology. They are therefore ideal for pools restricted to environmentally friendly vehicles. 

Where can a hovercraft be launched?

EUROHOVER hovercraft do not require boating slips or special quays or harbours. Almost any shore makes the perfect place to "launch" a hovercraft. 

Are hovercraft noisy?

Early hovercraft were rather noisy. The noise made by the fan and the engine has since been muffled thanks to the engineers at EUROHOVER designing a specially shaped intake passage and duct. Technological modifications have helped reduce noise levels around 80% compared to similar hovercraft. The noise level is considerably lower that those of helicopters and ultra light planes. Our hovercraft generate around 80db, which is even lower than the noise generally made by motorbikes. Hovercraft do not make the splashing noise that other watercraft, such as jet skis and motorboats, do. We recommend that both pilot and passenger wear a headset. However, a normal conversation can be held 5-19 metres from the hovercraft. 

What is the maximum angle at which a hovercraft can fly?

That depends on the distance from the slope and the number of passengers (load). Hovercraft can fly on small and medium sized slopes with no interruptions. EUROHOVER hovercraft can cross any boat slip and park in any car park right next to the cars.

Are EUROHOVER hovercraft comfortable?

A cushion of air is very comfortable to ride on and ensures smooth navigation. This latter feature means that hovercraft are frequently used by photographers on land and water. Obstacles like potholed roads and gentle waves are not felt while hovering. 

Does EUROHOVER hovercraft require maintenance?

EUROHOVER hovercraft come equipped with 2 and 4-stroke engines, so motorcycle and auto mechanics can carry out most simple servicing tasks. Full engine and vehicle documentation is provided upon purchase. If the hovercraft is sold through a dealership, the dealer is required to train the purchaser on basic servicing tasks and proper operation. 

What kind of engines do hovercraft have?

EUROHOVER hovercraft are powered by lightweight and extremely durable Rotax aircraft engines which can be serviced worldwide. 

Can a hovercraft stop on water? 
Yes, it can. EUROHOVER hovercraft, owing to their full load displacement, can float on water with pilot and passengers on board. They can even do this with the engine switched off. Anyone for a little fly fishing?  

What is the braking distance of a hovercraft?

Hovercraft braking distance depends on speed and surface. The shortest stopping distance at maximum speed can be achieved on grass (5-10 m). The braking distance on water is even longer and the longest is on snow and ice. A lot also depends on the pilot's skill and the braking technique used.

Can a hovercraft take passengers?

We have hovercraft which can take up to 9 passengers. We usually use hovercraft for two people (pilot + passenger) as these are optimal for areas of limited space. Hovercraft of considerable size would need much more space (sea, biggest lakes and rivers) as their displacement load is bigger. 

What weather conditions are hovercraft suited for?

Hovercraft are weather-proof. They can be flown during rain, blizzards and any other adverse weather conditions. They can also be flown in temperatures below -20C and above 40C. EUROHOVER hovercraft are registered to fly under 4 degrees on the Beaufort scale. Naturally, an experienced pilot can handle a hovercraft in much stronger winds. We managed to hovercraft on the sea in a 7-degree wind. 

Are there other hovercraft series and versions?

Yes, there are. Apart from sports and recreational hovercraft we also have rescue, patrol and pleasure (excursion) crafts with insulated deck cabins.

Where can you hovercraft? 
Practically everywhere and on any surface, both on land and on water.

Hovercraft in Poland are registered as amphibious vehicles. A motorboat licence is required to operate a hovercraft. Flying on grass, snow or sand does not require any licence.

Do I need a special insurance policy?

EUROHOVER is registered and insured so there is absolutely no need to worry. Of course, basic safety requirements should be met. 
Where can I learn more abort hovercraft?

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