27 September 2008



This was Poland's largest ever inland event of its kind. Lovers of water sports were given one last chance to soak up the summer holiday atmosphere. There was something for everyone during that final September weekend although our two hovercraft were obviously the star attractions. Everyone was given the opportunity to get on board under the watchful eye of an expert. The hovercraft flown by HOVERCRAFT TEAM POLAND at the World Hovercraft Championship 2008 was also on display and attracted a great deal of interest and admiration. There were also plenty of celebrities basking in the excellent weather and enjoying the attractions along with everyone else. Borys Szyc and Piotr Szwedes were two who tried their hands at hovercrafting.

The weekend finished up with poduszkowce.pl team's crack pilots putting some hovercraft through their paces on water and land. The event was organised by the ImpressionArt event agency.