Working Together on Advertising and Promotional Campaigns

Hovercrafts guarantee success when used for undertakings connected with company branding and trademark promotion. They are eye-catching, draw attention and evoke positive emotions. This makes them ideal for promotions and advertisements.

Eurohover craft are widely used all year round in Poland for all sorts of outdoor sporting, automotive, tourist, and recreational events as well as training and bonding programs. Our company - - takes part in nearly 50 public events and business events and parties, attracting around 200,000 guests every year. During winter, Eurohover hovercraft are also used for life saving purposes (in conjunction with the Volunteer Water Rescue Service, WOPR) on Zalew Zegrzyński (Zegrze Lake) and in iceboating competitions.

It should also be noted that the team represented Poland at the World Hovercraft Championship (2006, France) and in hovercraft exhibitions (2005, Cannes). 

Hovercraft being unique, the team belong to that circle of sporting enthusiasts devoted to extreme sports, water sports, motorsports, and air and aviation sports. This can be confirmed by our participation in TV programmes, films and numerous press articles.

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  • Painting the hovercraft in your corporate colours
  • Putting your corporate logo on the side of the hovercraft
  • Putting your corporate logo on the pilots' overalls and helmets
  • Putting your corporate logo on additional vehicles and equipment
  • Including your corporate logo in all advertising materials
  • Adding your corporate logo to the website along with the relevant links
  • Delivering a report of the event complete with video materials and photos