Hovercraft Hire 2008

It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to HOVERCRAFTING, an original recreational experience, new to Poland yet known around the world, which promises to get the adrenaline racing.

We hire out hovercraft. Flying a hovercraft is bound to be an unforgettable experience and the highlight of any party or special event. Poduszkowce.pl provides an outstanding vehicle handling experience that puts everything else in the shade - hovercrafting.

You will still be talking about these flights long after the party is over.

What make hovercraft unique are the thrills and opportunities they offer and the fact that they are amphibious. They simply cannot be compared to other vehicles. Hovercrafts can fly just a few centimetres above the ground on a cushion of air. Hovercraft can cover murky terrain closed to other vehicles, like marshes, sandy beaches, flood plains, ice-covered lakes (however thick the ice) and rushing brooks.

Our hovercraft can travel at up to 70km/h, irrespective of whether the road surface is grass, water, sand, snow or ice. Each craft seats one passenger in addition to the driver. Last but by no means least, our hovercraft are perfectly safe.

Poduszkowce.pl offers:

  • Unforgettable hovercrafting experiences, so far known only to a few people
  • Hovercraft delivery to designated locations in Poland and abroad
  • Short training courses conducted by experts during which participants will be required to master the basics of flying a hovercraft and familiarise themselves with the necessary safety measures to fly a hovercraft on their own
  • A professional team of experienced instructors to explain how all the devices work, and provide all the necessary information on hovercraft and how to fly them
  • Constant contact with instructors while hovercrafting. Special outfits made of nonsinkable material are provided in case of flights on water or ice
  • Entertaining corporate clients, building more effective teams and rewarding success! (organising competitions and team building exercises)
  • Full safety and expertise